The Grassroots Party – Legalize Cannabis Party . . .

. . . established in 1986, sabotaged in 2022:
We are a very small group, not well-organized, don’t have  deep pockets, are absent from the so-called “social media,” and have never elected anyone to the Legislature or Congress.
So why is it that our Party in 2022 was the target of political dirty tricks from all directions,  by people who wanted to destroy us, to hijack our candidates’ places on the ballot, and basically turn us into political road-kill?
The people of Minnesota deserve to hear the truth.  This web site, which has been inaccessible to the active party leadership for most of the year, will be brought up to date as quickly as our limited resources and volunteers will allow.   For now, the important information is this:
The Grassroots – Legalize Cannabis Party Central Committee met on August 9th, 2022, and voted to repudiate the impostor candidates who managed to outpoll the party’s loyal candidate in the Primary Election on that day.  Although the names of Patterson and Huff will appear on the Minnesota General Election ballot as nominees of the Grassroots – Legalize Cannabis Party, the Party does not want people to vote for them.  Patterson stated that his intention was to hijack the party’s nomination.  He has no background as a cannabis activist, has never supported or donated to the party, and refused an opportunity to let the Party’s endorsed candidate–a disabled military veteran–obtain a place on the ballot.
PLEASE read the statement about the November 8th General Election, on the OUR PARTY page.

Oliver Steinberg, Chairman
October 29, 2022

Early Voting has started.  Vote before or on November 8 — go to GET INVOLVED page to find out where you vote.   ONLY one Grassroots Party candidate in this year’s election has the ENDORSEMENT of the Party: Brian Abrahamson for Congress in the First Congressional District.  

ANY  OTHER CANDIDATES RUNNING ON THE GRASSROOTS-LEGALIZE CANNABIS Ballot Line are not endorsed and do not support the principles and platform of the Party.