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Events Grassroots Party will be attending or participating in:

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Date 08/20/2010 EXAMPLE ONLY - NO EVENT Time 3:00 - 5:00 pm Location...
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Date 09/18/2018 Time 1:00pm - 4:00pm EXAMPLE ONLY - IS THERE A 2018...

Grassroots Party Candidates

Chris Wright is a Minneapolis small business owner, cannabis rights, and free speech activist who co-founded the Grassroots Party in 1986. In 1998, Mr. Wright was endorsed by the Grassroots Party for Governor of Minnesota. He got 1,727 votes. And in the 2010 Minnesota gubernatorial election, he got 7,516 votes as a Grassroots candidate. Mr. Wright, a leader of Minnesota's drug war dissenters, was nominated by petition and got 31,259 votes for Governor as a Grassroots-Legalize Cannabis...
Judith Schwartzbacker is the Lt. Governor candidate teamed with Chris Wright. The Minneapolis great-grandmother ran for State Auditor for the Grassroots-Legalize Cannabis party in 2014 and got more than 55,000 votes.

Noah Johnson

Attorney General
Noah Johnson is a lifelong resident of Minnesota. He was born in Burnsville and raised in the Robbinsdale and North Minneapolis area, and graduated from Robbinsdale Cooper High School in New Hope. He received his B.A. in political science with a philosophy minor from the University of Minnesota, and his J.D. cum laude from Mitchell Hamline School of Law. Throughout his life, Noah has been passionate about issues of justice, causing a lifelong fascination with history and politics, and leading...

Our Endorsed Candidates


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