Legalize Cannabis Party
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From 1996 to 2018, voters approved petition-initiated Ballot Measures in 15 states (and D.C.) to create Medical Cannabis laws, and since 2012, voters in eight states (and D.C.) passed Over-21-Marijuana-Legalization laws.

Unfortunately, Minnesota's Constitution won't let us do it that way. Only the 201 elected members of the Legislature can write our laws.

We don't have Initiatives here.

Instead, we operate as a legally-recognized minor political party. Our candidates might not get elected, but ideas do matter! Every vote they get will send a message--both to the people who do hold power and need to see popular demand for legalization, and to the people who cast their secret ballot for a cannabis candidate and who need to see they are not alone!

Every vote signifies a responsible citizen seeking to defend democracy, to restore liberty and justice, and dismantle the narco-police state.

In the 2014 election, just to remove any shadow of doubt about what the votes for Grassroots candidates stand for, we attached the words "Legalize Cannabis" to our party name.

On the ballot, it reads: GRASSROOTS-LEGALIZE CANNABIS.



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